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title:“A Bill confirming Land Sales and Leases by the Alexendria Town Trustees”
authors:George Mason
date written:1779-11-9

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Mason, George. "A Bill confirming Land Sales and Leases by the Alexendria Town Trustees." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 2. Ed. Robert A. Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 547-48. Print.

A Bill confirming Land Sales and Leases by the Alexendria Town Trustees (November 9, 1779)

[9 November 1779]
WHEREAS it hath been represented to this present general assembly, that the trustees of the town of Alexandria have sold and conveyed, as well as leased certain parcels of ground and sunken lands within the said town and adjoining sundry lots thereof, the proprietors whereof are apprehensive that such sales and leases may hereafter be controverted on suggestion, that the said trustees were not, in strictness of law, invested with power to make the same; for remedy whereof, Be it enacted, That all such sales, deeds, and leases bona fide made and executed by the said trustees before the passing of this act, shall be, and the same are hereby confirmed and declared valid. Provided that nothing herein contained shall be deemed or taken to affect the private claim or title of any proprietor of a lot within the said town. And whereas John Alexander having, in his lifetime, laid off several lots of land adjoining the said town; did, in or about the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy four, convey the same in fee to different persons subject to the payment of annual rents, and with conditions that if the feoffees did not within two years thence next following build on each lot, a brick, stone, or framed house twenty feet square, with a brick or stone chimney; in that case, or in default of the payment of the rents, it should be lawful for the said John Alexander, his heirs or assigns, to re-enter and hold his or their former estate therein. And whereas from the great scarcity and difficulty of procuring materials for building the said houses during the present war with Great Britain, the proprietors of the said lots have not been able to build thereon with the time limited for that purpose in their deeds of conveyance; and the said John Alexander having in the mean time departed this life, leaving an infant son, to whom his interest in the said lots descends, and no agreement or compromise can legally be made with such infant; application hath therefore been made to this assembly by the proprietors of the said lots, that they may be allowed a farther time to build upon and save the same; and that the said lots may be added to, and made a part of the said town of Alexandria: Be it therefore enacted, That the proprietors of the lots so laid off and conveyed by the said John Alexander shall, and they are hereby allowed the term of two years, from and after the end of the present war, to build upon and save the same; any thing in their deed or deeds of conveyance to the contrary thereof notwithstanding; and that the said lots shall be, and the same are hereby annexed to, and made part of the said town of Alexandria. So soon as the proprietors of such lots shall have built upon and saved the same, they shall then be entitled to, and have and enjoy the same rights, privileges, and immunities which the other inhabitants of the said town hold and enjoy.

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