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title:“Abraham Baldwin to Joel Barlow”
authors:Abraham Baldwin
date written:1787-7-26

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Baldwin, Abraham. "Letter to Joel Barlow." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 193. Print.
Autograph Letter Signed, Yale University

Abraham Baldwin to Joel Barlow (July 26, 1787)

Philadelphia, July 26, 1787
We are still at work at this great building so much talked of. I fear we are not of the true craft, by the slowness of our progress, and I shall not hesitate to call you a lazy fellow for not furnishing even one stone in the building.
I am in hopes we shall have a resting spell of a few days before long, but I fear not long enough to avail myself of the pleasure of visiting old friends. Messers. Johnson and Sherman have left us for a few weeks. I had determined to get with them but dared not leave the state unrepresented.
I believe that they expected we should adjourn immediately. I trust we have got the greater part of the materials together. And shall soon appoint the workmen to put it together, but there is so much to be said about foundations, cornerstones and all the rest of the stones, that I expect we shall not have the raising for several days. If we should have a leisure of two or three weeks I will come and see you.
I hear our poor Georgians are again using the old play of Indian war and am sure it will be attended with very bad consequences. That is one great source from which I expect the troubles of my life.
The New Hampshire Deputies Langdon and Gilman are here. It gives me pleasure to see that all the states have sent their Representatives except Rhode Island that she may be left alone and unsupported in her disgrace.
I fear my colleagues will leave here in a few days. I shall stay as long as my money or credit lasts till the business is finished. Tell the girl I am getting some miniatures for her here, but as I prefer young workmen it will be some time before they will be done.

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