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title:“Alexander Hamilton to George Mason”
authors:Alexander Hamilton
date written:1784-6-14

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Hamilton, Alexander. "Letter to George Mason." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 2. Ed. Robert A. Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 802. Print.

Alexander Hamilton to George Mason (June 14, 1784)

Piscattaway, 14th June 1784
I received yours of the 11th. instant but did not see your Son. There was a parcel of Linnens left with me belonging to Mr. John Pagan which were sold at different times in the best manner I could, being very indifferent in their qua [n]tity, and linnens at that time a very great drug.
I received a letter sometime ago from Mr Brown informing me that Mr Pagans son would call on me for information respecting these goods and to settle whatever balance there might be due; I wrote Mr Brown informing him that I had remitted him for Mr. Pagan in November 1774 a bill of Exchange for £85..15..8 Stg. being received for part of the goods sold and that there was due Mr. Pagan by James Brown & Coy- £71..10..10 Stg which he would see by the List of Balances transmitted them by me yearly, and which arose as well from goods sold as from some money I received for a debt due to Mr. Pagan.
I am very willing to pay this money to you or any other person properly authorised to received it, as soon as I can collect it from the debts due the Company, as it is owing by them not by me. If you should want any further information respecting this affair you may apply to me and I will give you every satisfaction in my power. I have not looked into the accts. of this business for these eight years past and as all the books and papers of Mr. Pagans were packed away about that time I cannot at present lay my hands on the Invoice of the Linnens. I am with respect, Sir, Your very hble Sert.

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