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title:“Alexander Hamilton's Notes of the New York Ratification Debates”
authors:Alexander Hamilton
date written:1788-6-20

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Hamilton, Alexander. "Alexander Hamilton's Notes of the New York Ratification Debates." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 22. Ed. John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2008. 1736-37. Print.
Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

Alexander Hamilton's Notes of the New York Ratification Debates (June 20, 1788)

I Various Interests Navigating and Non Navigating— Great and Small— Struggle for Commercial point two thirds
Struggle for equal power— Some small states non navigating— Hence tendency to combination Necessity of accommodation— œconomy— Relate difficulties on this point
As to the ratios of representation I Character of slaves mixed persons & prope1rty II In many states persons included in census who have no vote in the state—
III—Representation & Taxation being upon the same scale will favour impartiality2
— As to the number I—Three objects
1 safety
2 knowledge of local circumstances
3 few—above the many Ob: Nothing more difficult than to fix the degree of numbers requisite— constitutions of diff States differ—
II Ratio ought not to be the same in a large as in a small nation—
III—first census 100— 25 years— 200— fifty— 400
Knowlege of local circumstances I Ob3jects to be considered— These COMMERCE TAXATION— As to taxation state systems— Elevation of few I No qualifications either for electors or elected II 5000 not less fit to choose than 500—not—so easily corrupted—
III How would Governor &c be chosen—4
Numbers will not be augmented— Large states to increase influence will be for increasing representatives

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