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title:“An Act to Authorize an Investigation of Disaffection in the Western Counties”
authors:George Mason
date written:1777-12

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Mason, George. "Letter to Authorize an Investigation of Disaffection in the Western Counties." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 1. Ed. Bernard Bailyn and James Morton Smith. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 398-99. Print.
Transcription, Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va.

An Act to Authorize an Investigation of Disaffection in the Western Counties (December 1777)

[10-22 December 1777]
For more effectually securing the Commonwealth against the designs and attempts of certain evil minded persons now or lately in the Counties herein after mentioned, who lost to all sentiments of virtue honour or regard for their country, have been induced to aid the enemy; be it enacted by the general assembly that Samuel Washington, Gabriel Jones & Joseph Reed esquires, commissioners appointed by the united States of America in congress assembled to repair to Fort Pitt, in Order to investigate the rise progress and extent of the disaffection in that quarter, or such other persons as shall be appointed in their room, and shall undertake to execute the office, be authorised and empowered, and they are hereby authorised and empowered at any time within [six months] after the passing of this act to apprehend such Inhabitants of the Counties of Ohio, Monongolia and Yohogania as shall appear to the said Commissioners to have been concerned in any conspiracy or plot against the said States, or any or either of them, and to deliver the Offenders over to the proper civil Officers, to be prosecuted according to Law. And to provide for the further protection and defense of the Frontiers, be it further enacted, that the Governor, with advice of the privy council, may order such part of the militia as may be most convenient, and as they shall judge necessary, consistently with the Safety of the commonwealth, to and in conjunction with any troops, on any expedition which may be undertaken by desire of the united States of America in congress assembled, against any of our western Enemies; and also that the Governor with advice of the privy council at any time within [nine] months after the passing of this act, may empower a number of volunteers not exceeding [six] hundred to march against and attack any of our said enemies, and may appoint the proper officers and give the necessary Orders for the Expedition.

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