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title:“Benjamin Contee to John Eager Howard”
authors:Benjamin Contee
date written:1789-6-12

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Contee, Benjamin. "Letter to John Eager Howard." Creating the Bill of Rights. Ed. Kenneth R. Bowling and Helen E. Veit. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991. 248. Print.
Maryland State Archives

Benjamin Contee to John Eager Howard (June 12, 1789)

perhaps the propositions (to be grafted on the constitution, if the intention of the motion succeeds) brought forward by Mr. Maddison may make some noise in Maryland—Mr. Duvall has a copy of them. It may be seen from thence that some of them are inapplicable in a great degree, as being needless stipulations between—not a people and a separate and independent power—but between a people and their representatives—in other between a people and—who—why themselves. For it I esteem it a real truth that the Govt. is a Govt. of the people—as much so as any ever was or can be instituted for the successful conduct of the affairs of our extensive Union—extensive I mean in its locality as well as in the importance of its various concerns—which embrace almost innumerable Objects, and many esteemed highly consequential in the Eye of the present improved and enlightened policy of nations—the enclosed paper contains some strictures which may shew the inexpediency of some of the proposed articles.
But a postponement of the business was necessarily induced by other of more importance. at least, it must be acknowledged by all to be, of more immediate importance.

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