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title:“Benjamin Franklin To Mrs. Jane Mecom”
authors:Benjamin Franklin
date written:1787-9-20

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Franklin, Benjamin. "Benjamin Franklin To Mrs. Jane Mecom." The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Vol. 3. Ed. Max Farrand. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1911. Print.

Benjamin Franklin To Mrs. Jane Mecom (September 20, 1787)

Philada. Sept. 20. 1787
The Convention finish'd the 17th Instant. I attended the Business of it 5 Hours in every Day from the Beginning; which is something more than four Months. You may judge from thence that my Health continues; some tell me I look better, and they suppose the daily Exercise of going & returning from the Statehouse has done me good. — You will see the Constitution we have propos'd in the Papers. The Forming of it so as to accommodate all the different Interests and Views was a difficult Task: and perhaps after all it may not be receiv'd with the same Unanimity in the different States that the Convention have given the Example of in delivering it out for their Consideration. We have however done our best and it must take its chance.

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