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title:“Committee Report on Election Returns”
date written:1788-1-11

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"Committee Report on Election Returns." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 6. Ed. Gaspare J. Saladino and John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2000. 1171-72. Print.
Massachusetts Archives

Committee Report on Election Returns (January 11, 1788)

Report of the Committee appointed to examine ye Returns of the Members of the Convention.
—The County of Suffolk have made proper Returns from the several Towns and the Members return'd are all of them entitled to a Seat in ye. Convention.—
—This we find to be the case in the County of Essex, except ye. Town of Beverly who have sent 3 Members, when they have but 592 Polls by ye. last Valuation; but ye. Selectmen & Assessors have certified that they have upwards of six Hundred Polls.—
—The returns from the County of Hampshire are all of them agreeable to ye. Constitution.—appear to be Regular
—Middlesex, have made proper Returns, except the Town of Marlborough, who have sent two Delegates & have but 370 Polls which is five short—
—York, have return'dno more Members then they were entitled too, except Coxhall & Waterborough, ye. former having only 124 Polls and the latter 110 Polls who have only 110 Polls.
—Cumberland, have made proper Returns, except Portland and Falmouth, who have sent 4 Delegates, and had but 774 Polls & shoud have but 825, being 51 short at the return of the last Valuation.—But have since been Divided into two Towns.—
—Lincoln. From the Town of Pownalborough, there are two Members, but by the last Valuation they have only 333 Polls; and the Certificate from the Selectmen & Assessors is in general terms, & no Number mentioned; but certify their right to two Members as having a sufficient number of Polls to qualify them therefor.—
—Plimouth, The returns are strictly agreeable to ye Constitution, except the return from the Town of Plimpton, which have but 316 Polls by ye. last Valuation, and yet have sent 2 Members.—The Assessors certify, that they have 387 Polls.
—Barnstable, The only exceptionable return is from the Town of Sandwich, who have sent 2 Members and have 372 Polls only by ye. last Valuation. The Assessors & Selectmen having sent no Certificate.
—Bristol, Dighton have sent two Members, and have but [356?] Polls. The Certificate certifies, That they have upwards of four Hundred.— Taunton has return'd a Certificate dated ye. 26th of Novr. last, which appears to be legal; but a second Meeting was call'd & held upon ye. 7th of January instant, & there is a second Certificate of an additional Choice but not from the Selectmen.- All the other Returns from the County are legal, & the Members have an undoubted Election as far as has come to our knowledge. Dukes County, two Delegates only, & legally chosen & returned, Tisbury, & Edgartown.
Worcester, The Town of Worcester have returned 2 Members & have only 357 Polls according to ye. last Valuation.- The Town of Petersham have returned 2 Members, & have but 349 Polls.- All the other Returns from other Towns are agreeable to ye Constitution.
Nantucket, No return.-
Berkshire. The Returns appeared to be all of them agreeable to ye. Constitution.-

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