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title:“Convention Delegates”
date written:1787

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"Convention Delegates." The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Vol. 3. Ed. Max Farrand. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1911. Print.

Convention Delegates (1787)

Those whose names are in parentheses did not attend. An alphabetical list of the delegates with the dates of attendance, etc., will be found at the end of this appendix.
NEW HAMPSHIRE John Langdon (John Pickering) Nicholas Gilman (Benjamin West)1 MASSACHUSETTS (Francis Dana) Elbridge Gerry Nathaniel Gorham Rufus King Caleb Strong RHODE ISLAND No appointment CONNECTICUT William Samuel Johnson Roger Sherman Oliver Ellsworth [Erastus Wolcott was elected but declined to serve.] NEW YORK Robert Yates Alexander Hamilton John Lansing, Junior NEW JERSEY David Brearley William Churchill Houston William Paterson (John Neilson) William Livingston (Abraham Clark) Jonathan Dayton PENNSYLVANIA Thomas Mifflin Robert Morris George Clymer Jared Ingersoll Thomas Fitzsimons James Wilson Gouverneur Morris Benjamin Franklin DELAWARE George Read Gunning Bedford, Junior John Dickinson Richard Bassett Jacob Broom MARYLAND James McHenry Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer. Daniel Carroll John Francis Mercer Luther Martin [Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Gabriel Duvall, Robert Hanson Harrison, Thomas Sim Lee, and Thomas Stone were elected but declined to serve.] VIRGINIA George Washington Edmund Randolph John Blair James Madison, Junior George Mason George Wythe James McClurg [Patrick Henry,2 Richard Henry Lee, and Thomas Nelson were elected but declined to serve.] NORTH CAROLINA Alexander Martin William Richardson Davie Richard Dobbs Spaight William Blount Hugh Williamson [Richard Caswell and Willie Jones were elected but declined to serve.] SOUTH CAROLINA John Rutledge Charles Pinckney Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Pierce Butler (Henry Laurens) GEORGIA William Few Abraham Baldwin William Pierce (George Walton) William Houstoun (Nathaniel Pendleton)
[Footnotes as included or written by Farrand]
  • 1 Philadelphia newspapers of May 19, 1787, in their lists of delegates included the names of John Sparhawk and Pierce Long from New Hampshire.
  • 2 "There was a passage at arms between the Rev. John Blair Smith, president of Hampden-Sydney College in Prince Edward county, and Patrick Henry, who represented that county in the Convention. Henry had inveighed with great severity against the Constitution, and was responded to by Dr. Smith, who pressed the question upon Henry, why he had not taken his seat in the Convention and lent his aid in making a good Constitution, instead of staying at home and abusing the work of his patriotic compeers? Henry, with that magical power of acting in which he excelled all his contemporaries, and which before a popular assembly was irresistible, replied: 'I smelt a Rat.' " (H. B. Grigsby, History of the Virginia Federal Convention of 1788, I, 32.)
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