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title:“Draft Motion by Elbridge Gerry”
authors:Elbridge Gerry
date written:1787-7-12

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Gerry, Elbridge. "Draft Motion by Elbridge Gerry." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 164-65. Print.
Autograph Document, Sang Collection, Southern Illinois University

Draft Motion by Elbridge Gerry (July 12, 1787)

That in the original Formation of the Legislature of the U. S. the first branch thereof shall consist of 65 Members—of which Number NH shall have 3
M 8
R 1
Con 5
N York 6
NJ 4
Penn 8
D 1
M 6
V 10
NC 5
SC 5
G 3
But as the present Situation of the States may probably alter as well in point of Wealth as in the Number of their Inhabitants that the Legislature be authorized from Time to Time to augment the Number of Representatives and in Case any of the States shall hereafter be divided or any two or more States united, or any new State created within the Limits of the U. S. the Legislature shall possess authority to regulate the Number of Representatives in any of the foregoing Cases upon the principle of Wealth and Number of Inhabitants. Provided always that Representation ought to be proportioned according to direct Taxation and in order to ascertain the alteration in the direct Taxation which may be required from Time to Time by the Changes in the relative Circumstances of the States Resolved that a Census be taken with [indecipherable word] six years from the first Meeting of the Legislature of the U. States, and once within the term of every 10 years afterward of all the Inhabitants of the U. States in the Manner and according to the ratio recommended by Congress in their Resolution of Ap. 18 1783 and that the Legislature of the U. S. proportion the direct Taxation accordingly.

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