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title:“Ebenezer Hazard to Mathew Carey”
authors:Ebenezer Hazard
date written:1788-4-14

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Hazard, Ebenezer. "Letter to Mathew Carey." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 17. Ed. Gaspare J. Saladino and John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 1995. 94. Print.

Ebenezer Hazard to Mathew Carey (April 14, 1788)

Your Favor of 10th. Inst. with the Pamphlets & News Paper came duly to hand, & I am much obliged to you for your ready Compliance with my Request.—The Style of the Poetry needs no Apology:—I think it exactly suited to the Subject, & therefore a better one (if you will allow the Expression) would not have been equally good. That Style, at the same Time that it admits of a ludicrous Inflection of Words to serve practical Purposes, contains a kind of sarcastic Contempt which must greatly injure the delicate Feelings of such a man as your Hero:—and to despise such Folks is to destroy them.—
I am sorry there is so much Reason to suppose that any among you at this Day "pant after the horrors of civil War":—may their hopes be blasted & no doubt they will be, for such People will find but few any where who will co-operate with them:—there is very little of that Spirit to be found anywhere in the Union (as far as my Information extends) except in Pennsylvania: and I can hardly think any there seriously wish for Commotions which may involve themselves in Ruin:—their View, probably, is to lead the States which have not yet met in Convention, to think there is such Opposition to the new Constitution in others that it will not be expedient to adopt it:—even in that I think they will fail, for the Probability is that all the States will adopt it though they may propose Amendments. When this Event takes Place, we may hope for a Reformation of Manners, & that wholesome Laws will restrain the Passions unprincipled & protect Reputation as well as Property.—

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