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title:“Edmund Randolph to Beverley Randolph”
authors:Edmund Randolph
date written:1787-7-12

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Randolph, Edmund. "Letter to Beverley Randolph." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 165-66. Print.
Autograph Letter Signed, Virginia State Library

Edmund Randolph to Beverley Randolph (July 12, 1787)

July 12 1787
Sir The deputation here have desired me to obtain a further sum of money. I have accordingly drawn for an hundred pounds; which the executive will oblige us by paying.
I beg leave to enclose my own account. It contains an article charge without authority, but arising from circumstances, which I could not avoid. A Cherokee chief came hither under the conduct of an interpreter, who urged me to send a talk and a present. I could not refuse the one the other and conceived that a silver pipe with some symbols of Virginia and Cherokee friendship, would be an ornament to the townhouse of the Indians, and a small medal would conciliate the chief, who visited me. I do not, however, wish that the entertainment should be paid for by the public, unless the fullest propriety should dictate the measure. If it should not appear to be perfectly allowable, I hope that there will not be the least hesitation in rejecting it; as I consider myself wholly unauthorized to make such a present. Mr. Wythe left fifty pounds with us, of which an account will be rendered by us.
I have the honor sir to be with great respect yr. mo. ob. serv. Edm. Randolph Dr. Edm. Randolph To the commonwealth of Virginia 1787 100 May to cash 50 June to cash to Mrs. R 150
Cr. By attendance on the convention, together with travelling expenses from the 6th of May inclusive to 19th July inclusive, being 74 days at 6 dollars per day, which are equal to 144 dollars which are equal to . . . . 133. 4 By cash paid for a silver medal and a silver pipe for the Cherokees 11. 6. 6. Penna. Cy.

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