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title:“Elbridge Gerry to Ann Gerry”
authors:Elbridge Gerry
date written:1787-8-9

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Gerry, Elbridge. "Letter to Ann Gerry." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 215. Print.
Autograph Letter Signed, Sang Collection, Southern Illinois University

Elbridge Gerry to Ann Gerry (August 9, 1787)

Philadela. Thursday Eveng. 9 oClock 9th Aug. 1787
I arrived here, my dearest Life, about an hour ago with Colo. Hamilton, whom I met at the Hook. We escaped a heavy thunder gust, which gave us Chase, about an hour before we reached the City. We had a cool ride, free from Dust, and I am not fatigued—How is my dearest Girl, her little pet, and family Friends? An answer to such questions as these, is more interesting to me than all the delusive prospects of pleasure or Happiness from other quarters. When I went to Bed last Evening, I began to reproach myself and have continued to do so ever since, for leaving behind my little Comforter, in the Absence of my lively Friends. I mean her portrait. How happened it to escape your Memory as well as mine? I think such another Accident will not soon happen to me. Miss Dally informs me she has some very good Hyson at 10/3 this Currency which is a Dollar and a half by the half Dozeninclosed is a Sample and if it suits inform me in your next of what quantity to take. Miss Dally thinks it more difficult to preserve the Flavour of Hyson than of the black Tea. How shall it be preserved?
I have had some Conversation with Col. Hamilton, respecting the last bill drawn by Mr. Harrison, and as We are both at Miss Dally's, I shall have a good Opportunity to perfect it soon. He expects to return in a Week to New York and I hope to send it by him. I likewise entered into the Merits of the other Bill, but found as your pappa has always said and as Colo. Hamilton himself acknowledged, tho he knew little or nothing of the Matter, he depends on Mr. Harrison for Information, but there must be other Dependance. I shall think upon the state of this Matter & write your pappa thereon. Adieu my only Source of Happiness, kiss our lovely little Girl for me whenever you kiss her for yourself and with my sincerest Regards to pappa Mamma and the Family believe me to be your ever affectionate E. Gerry

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