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title:“Fisher Ames to George R. Minot”
authors:Fisher Ames
date written:1789-6-12

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Ames, Fisher. "Letter to George R. Minot." Creating the Bill of Rights. Ed. Kenneth R. Bowling and Helen E. Veit. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991. 247-48. Print.

Fisher Ames to George R. Minot (June 12, 1789)

The civil departments will employ us next, and the judiciary the Senate. They will finish their stint, as the boys say, before the House has done. Their number is less, and they have matured the business in committee. Yet Mr Madison has inserted, in his amendments, the increase of representatives, each State having two at least.1 The rights of conscience,2 of bearing arms,3 of changing the government, are declared to be inherent in the people. Freedom of the press, too.4 There is a prodigious great dose for a medicine. But it will stimulate the stomach as little as hasty-pudding. It is rather food than physic. An immense mass of sweet and other herbs and roots for a diet drink.

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