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title:“George Mason asserting an agreement he made”
authors:George Mason
date written:1768-12-12

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Mason, George. "George Mason asserting an agreement he made." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 1. Ed. Bernard Bailyn and James Morton Smith. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 92-93. Print.

George Mason asserting an agreement he made (December 12, 1768)

To the Public
[12 December 1768]
Whereas the Subscriber, did, in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-seven, give under his Hand, a Note, promising to pay unto John Bond, senr. of Baltimore-Town, a Sum of Money, upwards of Thirty Pounds Currency, Twenty Pounds of which Sum is paid, and a Receipt thereof entered on the said Note, the Remainder was agreed to be left unpaid, until I was satisfied by the Judgment of Men, concerning some just Demands, I have against said John Bond. I therefore desire that no Person will take an Assignment of the aforesaid Note, as I will not pay the Remainder, until I am fully satisfied it is justly due. As Witness my Hand, this Twelfth Day of Twelfth Month, called December, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-eight.

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