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title:“George Mason to George Washington”
authors:George Mason
date written:1769-4-23

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Mason, George. "Letter to George Washington." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 1. Ed. Bernard Bailyn and James Morton Smith. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 102-03. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Washington Papers, Library of Congress

George Mason to George Washington (April 23, 1769)

Gunston Hall 23rd: April 1769.
Upon looking over the Association, of which I sent you a Copy, I have made some few Alterations in it, as per Memdm. on the other Side.
I beg your Care of the inclosed Letters; & heartily wishing you (what I fear you will not have) an agreeable Session, I am Dr Sr Yr. most obedt. Sert.
I shall take it as a particular Favour if you'll be kind enough to get me two pr. Gold snaps made at Wms.burg for my little Girls; they are small rings with a joint in them, to wear in the Ears, instead of Earrings: also a pr. of Toupee Tongs.
Among the enumerated Goods after the Articles Oyl & Fruit is added—Sugars—after Millenary of all Sorts is added—Lace of all Sorts—after the Article of Gauze is added (except Boulting Cloaths)—
In the fifth Resolve the Word—Slaves—in the second Line is struck out, & the word—hereafter—is added between the Word, any, & the word, imported,—At the End of the Sixth Resolve after Tobacco-Debts, are added the Words—due to them1
NB. the Reason of making this last Alteration is that at a time when the Government endeavours to call everything Seditious, it might be urged that the Subscribers took upon them a Sort of legislative Authority, in declaring they wou'd make Regulations relative to Tobo. Debts, now they have an undoubted Right to make what Regulations they please in Debts due to themselves as the Option will still remain in the Debtors2

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