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title:“George Mason to George Washington”
authors:George Mason
date written:1775-3-9

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Mason, George. "Letter to George Washington." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 1. Ed. Bernard Bailyn and James Morton Smith. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 226-27. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Washington Papers, Library of Congress

George Mason to George Washington (March 9, 1775)

Gunston Hall March 9th 1775.
I had wrote the inclosed letter last night, & was just sending my man off with it, & the other papers, when your messenger came; by whom you will now receive them, made up within the cover of the acts of assembly.
I beg you to inform Mr. Johnston that the bill I have drawn is intended only as a ground work, & that I desire every part of it may be submitted to his correction.
My son George has been unwell some time. He went yesterday with his sister to Mrs. Eilbeck's, as soon as he returns, & has a little leisure, he will make out a copy of the list of Tytheables. You will be pleased to leave directions with Mr. Lund Washington about the collection. We have had an opportunity of speaking to most of the gentlemen out of the county, who have Titheables in it, & they have promised to give directions for the payment; I don't now recollect any whom it will be necessary to write to, but Colonel Henry Fitzhugh of Stafford, & Mr. John Turberville of Westmoreland.
I take the liberty of inclosing you £18.. Virgina Curry., out of which I must beg the favour of you to pay to Mr. Nicholas, or Mr. Mezzay, £12..10.. Ster: for my second payment in the wine company due the 1st. of May next, & take a receipt accordingly: I had not bills to come nearer the sum; but the balance you can repay me when you return. I send you the Cherry-Graffs you desire, but am afraid they are rather too forward: the bundle with the white stick in it is May-Dukes; the other the large black May Cherries. I am Dear Sir your affectionate & obedient servant

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