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title:“George Mason to George Washington”
authors:George Mason
date written:1785-10-2

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Mason, George. "Letter to George Washington." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 2. Ed. Robert A. Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 830-31. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Washington Papers, Library of Congress

George Mason to George Washington (October 2, 1785)

Gunston-Hall Octor. 2d 1785.
I take the Liberty of inclosing you a Memorial and Remonstrance to the General Assembly, confided to me by a particular Freind, whose Name I am not at Liberty to mention; and as the Principles it avows entirely accord with my Sentiments on the Subject (which is a very important one) I have been at the Charge of Printing several Copys, to disperse in the different Parts of the Country. You will easily perceive that all Manner of Declamation, & Address to the Passions, have been avoided, as unfair in themselves, & improper for such a Subject, and altho' the Remonstrance is long, that Brevity has been aimed at; but the Field is extensive. If upon Consideration, you approve the Arguments, & the Principles upon which they are founded, your Signature will both give the Remonstrance weight, and do it Honour. I wou'd have waited on you personally, upon this Occasion; but have been so shattered by a late violent Fit of the convulsive Cholic, complicated with the Gout in my Stomack, that I am hardly able to walk across the Floor. The Bearer will deliver you a Packet, inclosing another Copy for my Friend Dr. Stuart. I am in Hopes he, & his Colleague, will endeavour to forward the Subscriptions in this County.
Mrs. Mason, & the Family here, present their Compliments to you, your Lady, & Miss Bassett, with Dear Sir Your affecte. & obdt. Sert.

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