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title:“George Mason to James Fenwick”
authors:George Mason
date written:1792-5-11

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Mason, George. "Letter to James Fenwick." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 3. Ed. A Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 1262-63. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Mason Family Papers, Library of Congress

George Mason to James Fenwick (May 11, 1792)

Gunston-Hall May 11th: 1792.
I have your Favour of this Morning. The Mare has arrived safe; tho' I have not seen her; as the Man, who brought her down, happening to meet with one of my Son George's men on the Road, returning from Alexandria, went to Lexington with her; and my Son George thought it best to keep her there. Your Brother writes me, that things still remain in a very doubtful & unsetled State in France; the Emperor's Determination still unknown; on which Account, the Preparations for a Land War are continued, in France, with great Assiduity; Yet that the general Opinion was, that none of the foreign Powers wou'd risque an Invasion, unless the intestine Divisions created a civil War in the Kingdom. Exchange still continued falling, & was the 24th. of Febry. (the Date of my Letter) as low as 16d. 1/2. Ecru of 3tt on London.
I doubt Mr. Jones's Order, countermanding his former Order for purchasing 4, or 5. hund Hhds. Tobo has arrived too late. I have had no Letters lately from John; but his Brother George recd. a Letter from him, a few Days ago, in which he tells him, he was in Treaty for chartering a french Ship, and expected that Day (the Day his Letter was dated) to close a Bargain for 400 Hhds. of Tobo. He also mentions his expecting a Ship from Cadiz.
My Son John had some orders from me, to receive some Money, for me, in & about George Town; if he has left them with you (as I think, on his way to Richmond, he told me he had) you will do me the Favour to transact the Business for me. I am Dr. Sir, Your most obdt. Sert.

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