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title:“George Mason to John Fitzgerald”
authors:George Mason
date written:1784-3-17

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Mason, George. "Letter to John Fitzgerald." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 2. Ed. Robert A. Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 795-96. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

George Mason to John Fitzgerald (March 17, 1784)

Gunston-Hall March 17th: 1784.
My son Thomson waits on you, to know when the ship Two Brothers Capt Street will sail, & whether the captain will take on board my thirty three hhds. tobacco which I imagine will get up to Alexandria in time for the ship; the river being now open, and old Clarke, the skipper, informing me that he has craft out for all my tobaco which were froze up in the different creeks; but will probably get out this week. I think the captain, after having engaged this tobacco. has no right now to refuse it, & give other tobacco the preference; as the circumstance which prevented his getting it sooner, was at the time unavoidable, & is now removed, I had much rather send this tobacco. in the ship than in the brig you mentioned; & in that case, I will ship three or four tons more in the brig, all from one convenient warehouse. If the ship will not take the first 33 hhds. I must send it in the brig; & in that case, shall not send any other tobacco. in her.
You will do me the favour to inform me particularly, with the name of the brig & her captain; that I may be able to write, by the ship, for insurance of whatever quantity I shall send in the brig; and that I may have my letters &c. ready for both vessels.
I am, with Mrs. Mason's compliments & my own to your Lady, Dr Sir Your most obedient servant.
P. S. I take it for granted, that the brig's terms of freight are the same with the ship's.

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