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title:“George Mason to John Francis Mercer”
authors:George Mason
date written:1791-8-26

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Mason, George. "Letter to John Francis Mercer." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 3. Ed. A Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 1235-37. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia

George Mason to John Francis Mercer (August 26, 1791)

Virginia Gunston-Hall Augt. 26th: 1791.
In Answer to your Favour, respecting the Sale of the Marlbro' Estate, I can truly say there is no Estate in Virginia which I shoud prefer to it, was I able to purchase it; but this is far from being the Case. I have made it a Rule thro' Life, never, on any Consideration whatever, to embarrass, or subject myself to Difficulties; and the Payment of my Daughter's Fortunes, the building for, & setling two of my Sons, and raising Capitals in Trade for two others, has required, & will require, all the Money I am able to command, and puts any large Purchase, at present, out of my Power.
My son John arrived at Norfolk, on the 13th. Inst. in a french Ship of 400 Tons, after a Passage of 70 Days from Bourdeaux, & 62 from Land to Land. He writes me that the Voyage has been of great Service to him, and has perfectly restored his Health; which had been bad for more than a Year before. He purposes loading, & dispatching the Ship, before he leaves James River; so that I don't expect to see him before the latter End of September.
Understanding that some of the late Mr. Geo: Frazer Hawkins's Creditors had instituted a Suit in Chancery, to compel the Sale of his Lands, for the payment of his Bond-Debts; that I might be join'd in the Bill, with the other Creditors; I put into your Hands two Bonds of the sd. Mr. Hawkins to me (as per Memdm. on the other Side) and having upon your quitting your Practice in Maryland, put my Business there into the Hands of Mr. Cooke, I desired Mr. Rinaldo Johnson to apply to you for the said two Bonds; but to my great Surprize, he tells me you know Nothing of them. I must entreat you to search for them; for it they are lost, I presume my Debt (which wth. the Interest is very considerable) is lost with them. I remember your putting them into a Memorandum, or Pocket-Book, which you then had with you; where perhaps they may still remain; or perhaps you may have lodged them in the Clerk of Chancery's office. I also gave you some Memdms. from the Clerk of the General Court of the Dates of sundry Deeds to & from Rutland & others; particularly deeds from Rutland to Quin; that you might inquire into the transaction; which you told me you had some Cause to think was clandestine & fraudulent; & that the Lands conveyed to Quin were only to secure Quin for some Securities he had entered into for Rutland, very far short of the Value of the Lands Conveyed; but have never heard from you, upon the Subject since; and wish to have the Memdms. return'd. I am with our best Respects to you[r lady] and Family, dear Sir, Yr. most , obd[t. Servt.]
George Frazer Hawkins to George Mason
Bond dated Novemr. 17th 1783 for the Sum of £179..18..10. Current Money of Maryland in Specie conditioned for the payment of £89..19..5. like Mony, on or before the [. . .] day of Augt. 1784, with Int. at the rate of 6 per Ct. Per An from the Date of the Bond.
George Frazer Hawkins to George Mason
Penal Note dated Novemr. 17th. 1783, for the sum of £[. . .].15..8. Current Mony of Maryland in Specie payable on Demand, with Interest at Rate of 6 per Ct. An: from the 15th. of Septemr. 1783. Penalty £77..11..4. like Mony
NB: No part of the Principal or Interest of either hath been paid.

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