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title:“George Mason to John Mason”
authors:George Mason
date written:1791-12-6

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Mason, George. "Letter to John Mason." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 3. Ed. A Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 1246-48. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Mason Papers, Library of Congress

George Mason to John Mason (December 6, 1791)

Gunston-Hall Decemr. 6th. 1791.
Since you went away, I have been reflecting upon the Situation you are in, with the Ships you are now loading, & that if you don't get all the Tobo. you want for them speedily, they may perhaps be stop'd by the Ice. Rather than you shou'd incur this Risque, I will ship, on board of both, or either of your Ships (besides the Notes already delivered you) sixty five Hhds. of Tobo. which I have bye me-4. of which are in Aquia, 2. at the Falls, & all the Rest at Chickamuxan, Dumfries, Colchester, & Alexandria. Lindsey at Colchester owes me five Hogsheads, which he has told me were ready whenever I called for them; if they are (& I will send to him to-day to know) you may have them also; or they may enable you to leave out the Tobo. at Aquia, or the Falls; as may best answer your Purpose. If you find it necessary to take the Tobo. I offer, it will be proper to advise me of it, without Delay.
Shou'd the offer I have made you enable you to reject Mr. Seaton's Tobo. upon any other Terms than consigning it to your Friend in Marseilles, it will give me additional Pleasure; because I think neither he, nor Forrest & Stoddert have behaved in a friendly Manner to you, upon this Occasion. The Reason I did not incline to ship this Tobo. when I gave you the other Notes, was that it is common ordinary light Tobo. & I was dubious of the Quality answering the french Market, now that the Emulation among the individual Manufacturers will occasion a Demand for Tobaccoes of superior Qualities; tho' considering the present low price, & unpromising Prospects here, I think I can hardly lose by shipping in french Bottoms. I am, dear John, Your affecte. Father
List of Sundries to be bought for George Mason
1. Cag. abt. 1/4 hund. Barley.—1/4 hund. Rice.
2. Hs. Salt petre.—2. Hs. good Raw Ginger. 2. Hs. Pepper—
1. H. Pimentos 2. Ozs. Nutmegs.—2. ozs. Mace—
2. ozs. Cinnamon. 1 oz. Cloves.
NB: The eight Hhds. G. L. M. of my little Hunting Creek Crop, in Alexandria warehouse, for which I desired you to take out the Notes for me, are part of the herein mentioned 65 Hhds. offered to be ship'd. At any rate, I shou'd have the Nos. Gross Ton & Nett, & the respective times of Inspection, to enable me to enter them properly in my Books. Some of them have been reprized; care shou'd be taken, that the Notes, or Weights, shou'd be made out according to the reprized Weights & not according to the first Weights, when inspected.

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