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title:“George Mason to John Mercer”
authors:George Mason
date written:1789-10-31

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Mason, George. "Letter to John Mercer." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 3. Ed. A Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 1181. Print.

George Mason to John Mercer (October 31, 1789)

Virginia Gunston-Hall Octor. 31 st: 1789.
It was my Intention you shou'd retain, to my Credit, on Acct. of fees, the money paid you by Mr. Contee; and if I recollect right, I wrote you so by Mr. McCarty. I only wanted to know the exact Sum, to enable me to settle Mr. Contee's Acct. in my Books.
I have Hopes of getting Mollison's Debt setled by Mr. Young, who is now his Agent in Maryland; & for this Purpose have desired Mr. Rinaldo Johnson to apply to you for the protested Bill, & other Documents, delivered you Mr. Stone, in that Affair. I must beg you will push my Suit, to foreclose Rutland's Mortgage, to as speedy a Conclusion as possible; every Day, increasing the Interest, & also the Arrears of Rent on the Lotts in Town, will make my Loss the greater. I have another Reason too, for desiring a speedy Issue to this Business; that I may fall upon Rutland for the Ballance. I have good Reason to believe he has a Hoard of Certificates; which Nothing but Compulsion will draw out. I shall rely upon your Promise of giving me the Pleasure of seeing you here, when you come next to Virginia; and shou'd be glad you wou'd bring over with you the State of the Case, Plat, Depositions &c in the Suit on Ejectment, with Ross; and we will go over them together.
I have written to Mr. West (and so I did three Months ago) that Bills of Exchange will not suit me, in Discharge of my Judgt. agst. him. He really appears to have trifled in this Business; & altho' upon the Score of old Acquaintance & good Will, I shou'd be very loth to serve an Execution on him, yet I highly approve of your Idea of laying an Execution in the Office, to keep the Judgment alive; and beg you will not fail to have it done immediately. I have now again inform'd Mr. West, that nothing but Cash will suit me; and that I shall either wait on him myself at his own House, or send one of my Sons, to receive it. The Commissions you mention, of 2 1/2 Ct. in Case you receive the Money, are reasonable, & what I have always paid, but this Money I can easily receive myself, & save the Commissions. Our best Compliments to your Lady & Family conclude me dear Sir, Your affecte. & obdt. Sert.

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