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title:“George Mason to Lawrence Washington”
authors:George Mason
date written:1750-5-27

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Mason, George. "Letter to Lawrence Washington." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 1. Ed. Bernard Bailyn and James Morton Smith. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 11. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Morristown National Historical Park, N.J.

George Mason to Lawrence Washington (May 27, 1750)

May 27th: 1750
Sir As the Gentm. Mr. Parker offers for Security are utter Strangers to me, I can not take upon me to say whether I think him sufficient or not; but as Mr. Parker's affairs are circumstanced, I imagine they are the only Security he can at this Time give, & therefore I most readily concur in the same Opinion with you, that it's better to accept them than Delay sending up the Goods any longer; for we have already given our Rivals the Pensilvns. too many advantages over us, by suffering them to engage the Interest of the Indians, & raise in them numberless Prejudices agst. the Ohio Compy while we, instead of fulfilling our Engagements &complying wth. our Promises in Supplying them wth. Goods, have lain quite still, as if we were altogether unconcerned in the Matter; for these Reasons I shou'd look upon anything that put a Stop to the Trade for this Season, as utterly destructive of our whole Scheme, & think it ought carefully to be avoided; & I have really so good an Opinion of Parker that I can hardly think he'll offer to defraud us; besides I believe his All depends upon his discharging this Trust with Honour & Integrity. But as the Company have ordered that he shou'd give Security, & have relyed upon us to take it, we ought by all Means to observe their Directions; & I make no doubt let the Event be what it will, that they will approve what we have done; as they must be convinced we act upon no other Motive than the Interest of the Company. I therefore agree to accept the Security Mr. Parker offers till a Genl. Meeting of the Company at wch. Time they may accept or reject them, as they think proper—but I hardly think the Instrument of Writing Mr. Parker shewed me authentic, & am of Opinion they ought to bind themselves wth. him in a Penal Bond under their Hands & Seals; but as this can not be Done imediatly, I suppose there can be no Risque in letting him have a Load of Goods now, & desiring him to have such Bond signed agst. [the goods until] he comes down again. Had Mr. Chapman been at home, I shd. have consulted him upon it; as he is not, I give you my own Sentiments, & am wth. my Compl. to the Ladys Sr Yr. most humble Servt GEORGE MASON
[P. S.] I wrote to stop our second Cargoe till next Spring

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