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title:“George Mason to Richard Harrison”
authors:George Mason
date written:1778-11-9

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Mason, George. "Letter to Richard Harrison." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 1. Ed. Bernard Bailyn and James Morton Smith. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 442-43. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa.

George Mason to Richard Harrison (November 9, 1778)

Gunston-Hall Novemr. 9th. 1778
I have your Favour of the 5th. Inst. & heartily congratulate you on your safe Return to your native Country & Friends.
I set off to-morrow Morning for the Assembly; I expect my Stay in Wmsburg. will be pretty long; during which, if any thing shou'd occur, in which I can serve you there, it will give me Pleasure.
I hardly know what Steps will be best to take with Respect to Mr. Lemozin; it really looks as if he prefered keeping the Money in his Hands to sending out the Goods ordered. I shall be a considerable Loser by his Negligence, even if he now sends the Goods; as the Hostilities between the French & English, makes the Risque much greater, &consequently the Insurance higher; whereas if he had sent them out at first, they wou'd have come w [i] th. very little Charge to Martinique, & almost the only Risque wou'd have been from thence hither. As the Bills & Invoyce were remitted in your Name, I can't, with Propriety, write to him, or give Orders on the Subject, & must therefore beg the Favour of you to do it, by different Opportunities, desiring him to send the Goods imediatly by the first Good Vessel, to Virginia, if they are not already ship'd to Martinique; reminding him to insure, & in Case of Loss, to reship the same Articles & insure again. It will be most convenient to have them sent to Potomack, but as an Opportunity for that Purpose may not speedily offer, it they are sent to James or York River, I wou'd have them addressed to the Care of Colo. Wm. Aylett at Wmsburg, if to Rappahannock, to the Care of Colo. Thos. Jett Mercht. near Leed's Town.
I think it may not be amiss to mention to Mr. Lemozin, his very Extraordinary Delay in this Business, & the Inconvenience & Loss incurred by it, & to let him know, that if the Order is not speedily executed, the Money will be drawn out of his Hands, & put into those of some Mercht. who will be more punctual; or if you have any other Correspondent at the Place, whom you think safe, I believe it might be well to desire the favour of him to make Enquiry about it, or to send him a Draught on Mr. Lemozin for the Money, in Case the Goods are not bought when it arrives; for I presume if they are not by that time, they never will by that Gentleman.
Upon the whole, I leave it entirely to you, Sir, to take such Measures therein as you judge best; and am, Dr Sir, Your most obdt Servt.

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