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title:“George Mason to Samuel & John Smith”
authors:George Mason
date written:1791-4-25

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Mason, George. "Letter to Samuel & John Smith." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 3. Ed. A Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 1228. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Emmet Collection, New York Public Library, New York, N.Y.

George Mason to Samuel & John Smith (April 25, 1791)

Virginia Gunston-Hall April 25th. 1791.
The Bearer, Capt. Mann, being employed by your Agent in Alexandria, Mr. Donald, came here on Thursday Evening last; I have given him all possible Dispatch; & have sent by him twelve hundred & twenty six Bushs. of Wheat, being the Remainder of my Crop; and with the eight hundred & twenty three & a half Bushs. before delivered to Lazor, makes, in the whole, two thousand & forty nine & a half Bushells; as Per Mann's & Lazor's Rects.—You will please to send me, per Post, an Account of the Measurement & Average Weight, in Baltemore, of each Vessel's Load seperately.
Lazor misinformed you, with Respect to my Wheat not being ready; it had been all ready some Weeks before; but the top being a little dirtied by the Rats, I told him, I wished to run a few Bushs. of it thro' the Fan again; & that, if he wou'd run his Vessel to Pomankey, only two Miles off, & take in what Wheat was there (about 140 Bushs.) the Remainder of his Load shou'd be ready for him here. He accordingly went to Pomankey; the Overseer happening to be about a Mile or two off; and the Wind fair, instead of sending one of the Negroes for him (which wou'd not have taken more than an Hour) or returning here, he went down the River & proceeded to Baltemore. Indeed I believe he was before fully loaded, having besides the Wheat, four Hogsheads of Sugar on Board. His disappointment therefore (as he calls it) being oweing to himself; I shall not agree to make him any Allowance for it. I am Gentm. Your obdt. Sert

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