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title:“George Read to John Dickinson”
authors:George Read
date written:1787-5-25

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Read, George. "Letter to John Dickinson." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 20-21. Print.

George Read to John Dickinson (May 25, 1787)

Philada. May 25th. 1787.
Being told last Evening by Govr. Randolph of his having engaged a couple of rooms in a House at a small distance from our present lodgings and that he will move to them to morrow Evening I renewed my application on your behalf this Morning and am told that the room here which Mr. Randolph leaves you may have—it is on the first floor, up one pair of Stairs, on 5th. Street—the same which I used theretofore and you have seen me in—my present lodging room is behind it and there are doors which form a Communication between the two—As Mr. Randolph expects his lady his Situation is too Confined in this House. He is to dine at our Table—Since my Application on your behalf here on Monday last—another has been made for Mr. Gerry who is expected daily—but mine being first I now have the Offer for you—I wish you cou'd be here on the Sunday Evening. We make our Quorum today two additional So. Carolina Deputies came in Allibone's-Packet yesterday—and there is intelligence of the Arrival of two Georgia Deputies at N: York making four in the whole but one from Maryland yesterday—none as yet from Connecticut N Hampshire or Rhode Island tho the first of these three are hourly expected—You shou'd be here at the first opening of the Budget—
Let me hear from you speedily if any Accident prevents your Coming soon— My dear friend, Annap

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