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title:“Gilbert Livingston's Notes of the New York Ratification Convention Debates”
authors:Gilbert Livingston
date written:1788-7-18

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Livingston, Gilbert. "Gilbert Livingston's Notes of the New York Ratification Convention Debates." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 22. Ed. John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2008. 2231-32. Print.
Gilbert Livingston, Notes, New York Public Library

Gilbert Livingston's Notes of the New York Ratification Convention Debates (July 18, 1788)

CONVENTION PROCEEDINGS. Convention met— in Committee— Proposition of Yesterday by M. Smith read—
ZEPHANIAH PLATT. when he seconded the Motn. of Mr. Smith he supposed it obviated the Objections which were brought against the first—Motion that the committee rise—
DAVID HOPKINS. objects, without something is said on the propositions to illucidate—
ZEPHANIAH PLATT. mentions his reasons as above thinks the gent. opposed to us may wish to take More time—
WILLIAM HARPER. sees no reason why the commee. should rise— Moves as an amendt. that the question on the two propositions be taken JOHN LANSING, JR. dont see the advantage—proposed by the comees. risg. the propposition dont Meet with his approbn. the govt. if in Opperation for four Years—cannot be again dissolved—
JOHN WILLIAMS. does not approve of the propposition of yesterday—but doubts wheather we shall be recd. by congress—the eyes of the Whole country are on us let us take every step—
JOHN JAY. considers the last proposition less evil than the former—& shall vote for making it the basis—to proceed on— Committee rose—Adjd.

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