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title:“Governor Caswell to R. D. Spaight”
authors:Richard Caswell
date written:1787-7-26

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Caswell, Richard. "Letter to R. D. Spaight." The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Vol. 3. Ed. Max Farrand. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1911. Print.

Governor Caswell to R. D. Spaight (July 26, 1787)

No. Carolina, Kinston, July 26th, 1787.
From the hint you threw out in your first letter I am induced to think that the plan of a National Parliament and Supreme Executive with adequate powers to the Government of the Union will be more suitable to our situation &circumstances than any other, but I should wish also an independent Judicial department to decide any contest that may happen between the United States and individual States & between one State and another;1 this however is only a hint, you may not see the necessity of it as forcible as I do and I presume 'tis now too late to offer any reasons for the establishment, as that matter I flatter myself is before this got over; all I can say respecting the Convention is to recommend a perseverence to the end, to the deputies from this State.

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