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title:“Henry Knox to Benjamin Lincoln”
authors:Henry Knox
date written:1788-6-13

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Knox, Henry. "Letter to Benjamin Lincoln." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 17. Ed. Gaspare J. Saladino and John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 1995. 176-77. Print.

Henry Knox to Benjamin Lincoln (June 13, 1788)

I received your favor of the 6th instant and its enclosure by the post last evening, and it will be forwarded to Mr Faesh to morrow so that he will receive it on the same day. He resides at Booneton, about 9 miles east of Morris-Town the same place formerly occupied by Mr Saml Ogden.
The proposed constitution seems to be as well received as could have been conjectured by the most sanguine. The proposition was complex in itself and subject to a thousand misrepresentations. It is not surprizing that it has had its enemies. Mankind are infinitely deversified in their situations and faculties, and being constrained by local circumstances to veiw the same object through different mediums and with different apparatus, it is no wonder that their conceptions and opinions should be different.—Happy indeed is it for the public and I hope for posterity that so many states have already agreed to it and that none have rejected excepting Rhode Island. The conduct of the majority of that state—The insurrections of Massachusetts, and the opposition to the impost by New York, have been the corrosive means of rousing america to an attention to her liberties—Thank Heaven a government is proposed which in case of a storm will sheild the principle of liberty and its votaries from the rude attacks of anarchy and tyranny.
Eight States have already adopted the Constitution, and there is good reason to beleive that Virginia will also receive it on the plan of Massachusetts—You may cherish the hope my dear friend that by the 4th of July you will receive the information that Virginia is the 9th State which has ratified the Constitution
How far Virginia's acceptance will influence the conduct of this state is uncertain as the Antifœderalists have a decided Majority of 47out of 66—Their present policy appears to be to postpone to a distant day. This will be more deadly than a rejection, and they mean it shall have that operation—In every event however of their conduct they will find 3/7ths of the state as ready to oppose them as they seem inclined to beleive, the minorities of the other states will be to support them—
The real disposition of New Hampshire seems to be concealed—We cannot learn anything decisive respecting her intentions should she reject the constitution, she would be blind indeed! North Carolina will follow Virginia—
Permit me my dear friend to congratulate you on the affection manifested for you by your fellow Citizens on your late election to the office of Lieut Governor—Mrs Knox presents her love to you, and I hope to take you by the hand in Boston in about 3 weeks hence In the mean time I am your truly sincere friend

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