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title:“Jared Ingersoll to William Samuel Johnson”
authors:Jared Ingersoll
date written:1787-4-28

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Ingersoll, Jared. "Letter to William Samuel Johnson." The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Vol. 3. Ed. Max Farrand. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1911. Print.
Papers of W. S. Johnson, Connecticut Historical Society; copy, Department of Historical Research of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Jared Ingersoll to William Samuel Johnson (April 28, 1787)

Philadelphia, April 28th. 1787
Major Jackson this moment called on me and expressed his willingness to serve the proposed Convention in the Character of Secretary and requested I would do him the favor to write you a line upon the Subject as it is the expectation as well as wish of people here that you may be among the Delegates from Connecticut.
I comply with the Desire of Major Jackson as I find a strange Idea is prevalent that a prior application of some sort forms a preferable Title and least some other person [sho]uld be able to anticipate him. . . .
P. S. In my haste I forgot to mention that some of your brethren in Congress, Col. Lee in particular can give you full information as to the Character of Major Jackson.

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