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title:“Jeremy Belknap's Notes of the Massachusetts Ratification Convention”
authors:Jeremy Belknap
date written:1788-2-6

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Belknap, Jeremy. "Jeremy Belknap's Notes of the Massachusetts Ratification Convention." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 6. Ed. Gaspare J. Saladino and John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2000. 1490. Print.

Jeremy Belknap's Notes of the Massachusetts Ratification Convention (February 6, 1788)

Wedy Feb 6. A M. S Adams offered some additional amendmts to secure (the) Rights of Conscience]—Liberty of (the) Press—Right to keep Arms—Protection of Persons & Property from Seizure &c—wh[ich] gave an alarm to both Parties—the Antifeds supposed (that) so great a Politician would not offer these amendts unless he tho't there was danger on these Points—(the) Feds were afraid (that) new Converts would desert—A[dams] percieved (the) mischief & withdrew his Proposal—another renewed it—but it was voted out & A[dams] himself was obliged to vote agt it. & 4 a clock P M was assigned to take (the) great Question. wh[ich] was done by Yea & Nay when (the) Numbers were thus—whole 355—
For the Constitution with Proposal amendment—187
Against it—168
Majority in favor of it—19
NB. there were 9 Absent Members
364 in all
Several Leaders of (the) Minority acknowledged they had been candidly used and fairly beaten, & Promised (that) now (the) Constitution was established they would submit & use their influence to Promote Peace & Union—

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