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title:“John Quincy Adams to William Jackson”
authors:John Quincy Adams
date written:1818-10-16

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Adams, John Quincy. "Letter to William Jackson." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 307-08. Print.
Autograph Letter Signed, Yale University Library

John Quincy Adams to William Jackson (October 16, 1818)

OCTOBER 16, 1818 JOHN QUINCY ADAMS TO WILLIAM JACKSON October i6, '8'8 Sir, By a Resolution of Congress at their last Session, the Journals of the Convention which formed the Constitution of the United States, have been directed to be published, together with such documents relating to their proceedings as are in possession of the Government. In the month of March 1796 the volume containing the Journal of the Convention, and that containing their proceedings while in Committee of the Whole, with another containing statements of the yeas and nays taken, on various questions, and nine separate papers of little consequence, were deposited in the Department of State, by President Washington, and these are all the documents possessed by the Government coming within the scope of the Resolution directing the publication. The Volume containing the Journal closes with the proceedings of Friday 14th September 1817 [i.e. , 1787] . The Journal of Saturday, the 15th and of Monday the 17th of September, are therefore not included in it, and if published without further addition, it will leave the proceedings of the Convention incomplete. I have thought it therefore advisable, to apply to you as the Secretary of that Convention to enquire, whether you have in your possession, or can direct me to any other source from which could be obtained any papers by which the journal of the two deficient days can be completed. And also, whether you have copies of any other papers, relating to the proceedings of the Convention, which you would have the goodness to communicate to be added to the publication. Governor Bloomfield, some months since transmitted to me several papers, which came to his possession as Executor to Mr. Brearly, one of the Members of the Convention. Among them are Copies of sundry Resolutions offered to the Convention on the 1 5th of June 1787 by Mr. Patterson. And of a plan of a Constitution of the United States proposed by Colonel Hamilton. The Resolutions offered by Mr. Patterson, are referred to in the Journal of 15th June 1787, but no Copy of them was among the papers deposited by President Washington in the Department of State. There is no reference 307 308 SUPPLEMENT TO FARRAND'S RECORDS in the Journal to the plan proposed by Colonel Hamilton; but the Journal notices a plan for a constitution proposed by Mr. Charles Pinckney, no Copy of which is among any of the papers which we possess. As it is desirable that the publication should be made as soon as possible, your answer at as early a moment, as may suit your convenience, will confer an obligation. I am with much Respect, Sir, your very humble Servt. John Quincy Adams

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