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title:“Memorandum including letters from John Mercer and George Mason to James Tilghman”
authors:George Mason, John Mercer
date written:1767-3

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Mason, George and John Mercer. "Letter to James Tilghman." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 1. Ed. Bernard Bailyn and James Morton Smith. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 73-75. Print.
Transcription, Cadwallader Papers, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

Memorandum including letters from John Mercer and George Mason to James Tilghman (March 1767)

[March, 1767]
Upon being informed that Mr. Croghan claimed some Credit on his Bond to the Ohio Company for part of the Money recovered by Captain Trent from Governor Dinwiddie, George Mason sent to Mr. John Mercer (who managed the Suit for Capt. Trent) desiring a particular Accot. of the matter, and received from Mr. Mercer the following Answer and Account.
"Dr. Sir Your memorandum by my son gave me a good deal of trouble to search fro Captain Trents papers, tho' I was almost certain that they would not turn to Mr. Croghans advantage any further than by returing an Account of his which our Assembly refused to allow"
"Captain Trents claim for his own £35..4..2 and his Men's pay in the whole £222. .18. .0
for Provisions for himself and Men 68. . 7. .9
for going out with the first present, himself £100
Horses £90. .16. .0 Wampum £16. .4—
Provisions £11. .14. .9—Owens £6. .11. .4—
bringing in Skins £6. .9. .0—Interpreter £5. .16. .0 247. .18. .10
—an Express £5—French Deserters Express 40/ , Half thicks 38/9 A ruffled shirt 15/—one Ps.
ribbon 9/ , a Skin for Belts 5/ .
For going out with the second present, himself £50
—Horses £37. .2. .—presents £9. .15. .0
Wampum £8. .9. .9—Match Coats £7. .10. 0 126. .11. .5
Expresses £6. .12. . Skins for Belts £4. .10
Half thicks £2. .12. .11
£665. 16. 0
"Of that Sum £ 321..11..2 was due himself, and £344..4..[torn] to his Men. [He] offered me any part of what I could recover of it, and I realy believe it would have been lost, if I had not by a good [Fee?] procured Mr. Dinwiddie to be arrested at York. Even afterwards the Court put me upon such proof of the Account as they were almost certain I could not procure— but meeting Colo. Washington and Colo. Mercer, who recommended me to some other witnesses then luckily in Town and having a good Jury who resented the Treatment Trent met with; they not only allowed the whole Accot. but gave such Damages as satisfied me and therefore I according to Capt. Trents order gave the Ohio Company Credit for the whole £665..16..0. I hope this will be satisfactory. & am Dr Sir Your most Obedient Servant JOHN MERCER
March 1st. 1767."
George MAson was alos at the Expence and trouble of procuring from the Secretarys Office Authentic Copys of all Capt. Trents Accots. &c. in the Suit with Mr. Dinwiddie and found them to agree exactlyl with the above state of Mr. Mercer's except the Article for Provisions of £ 68..7..9 which in the Office Copy is £70..9..9—but whence this difference of £2..2 arises, is not apparent. This it is presumed will be sufficient to satisfie both Capt: Trent & Mr. Croghan, that Mr. Croghan is not entitled to any Credit from the Ohio company on this Accot. and if by any private agreement between Mr. Trent and Mr. Croghan the latter has a right to any part of it (which does not appear to be the case from the Papers in the Suit) Capt. Trent ought to pay Mr. Croghan himself, as Mr. Mercer has given Capt. Trent Credit for the whole [sume to] the Ohio Company.
Mr. Croghan Accot. Certificates, for which the Virginia Assembly refused to make him any Allowance are inclosed herewith, Colo. Tilghman will be pleased to return them to [torn] And oblige his most Hble. Servt.

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