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title:“Memorandum on Walnut Bottom Lands”
date written:1790-1

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"Memorandum on Walnut Bottom Lands." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 3. Ed. A Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 1186-87. Print.

Memorandum on Walnut Bottom Lands (January 1790)

[January 1790?]
As the Disputes in the Land Office between Doctr. Ross & G Mason have been already attended with considerable Expence, are liable still to much greater, & not likely to be soon determined, the Lands in the mean time useless to both Partys; so that if they continue much longer in the same Situation, more than their whole Value must be sunk; G Mason, thro' the friendly Mediation of Colo. Sharpe, makes the following proposals to Doctr. Ross, vizt.
That both Disputes shall be imediatly agreed each Party paying his own Costs.
That the Doctr. shall convey to G Mason his Tract of Land call'd Shute's Request (or Shute's Purchase) being abt. two or three hundred Acres, & included in G Mason's Resurvey of Walnut Bottom—for the same Price for which he had formerly agreed to sell it to the sd Shute, this was the Doctor's own Proposal; & is in fact giving up the Matter entirely in his favour; & as the Doctr. is well acquainted with the Principles of the Dispute, there needs no argumen[t] to convince him that G Mason makes this concession merely from a Desire of setling as well this as the other Dispute amicably & without further charge.
That G Mason shall repay to Doctr. Ross the Composition or Caution Money for three hundred Acres of Land, being the Quantity contain[ed] in Mr. Bladen's Survey of the Pleasant Valley, & that the Doctr. shall relinquish his claim to any Land contain'd in the Certificate of the sd. Pleasant Valley & withdraw his Caveat against G Mason's having a Patent for the same.
Or if Doctor Ross rather chuses to convey his claim of the whole Tract called by him White Oak Level G Mason will pay him the usual Price of such Land in that Part of the Country for so much of as it exceeds the Quantity G. Mason claims under the Certificate of the Pleasant Valley.

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