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title:“New Hampshire Spy”
date written:1787-4-3

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"New Hampshire Spy." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 13. Ed. Gaspare J. Saladino and John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 1981. 76-290. Print.

New Hampshire Spy (April 3, 1787)

"As the hart panteth after the cooling water-brook," so does every citizen of this state pant after a reform in government-not only a local, but a federal reform-and this, we have reason to hope, will be effected, notwithstanding - the arts that are, or may be used in New-York and Rhode-Island to oppose it. The characters residing in these two states, who have uniformly opposed federal reform-are well known. It would be well for them to desist from their nefarious schemes. The united force of America is against them-The bolts of vengeance are forging- tremble ye workers of iniquity, and no longer oppose the salvation of your country, lest speedy destruction come upon you, and you fall into the pit which your own hands have digged. It is a fact, that some influential characters in New-York and Rhode-Island, are opposed to the present federal convention, and, it is feared, they will use every artifice to overthrow that glorious fabric which the united wisdom of our great MASTER-BUILDERS are about to erect.

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