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title:“Newspaper Report of Pennsylvania Convention Proceedings”
date written:1787-11-23

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"Newspaper Report of Pennsylvania Convention Proceedings." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 2. Ed. Gaspare J. Saladino and John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 1976. 331-32. Print.

Newspaper Report of Pennsylvania Convention Proceedings (November 23, 1787)

The Convention being met, pursuant to adjournment, on motion of Mr. M'Kean, they proceeded to the choice of a secretary, when Mr. James Campbell was duly elected. Mr. Burt [Burkhard] was after- wards appointed messenger' and Mr. Fry doorkeeper. An application from Thomas Lloyd to be made assistant clerk was read, and a motion complying with the same was postponed.
The committee appointed yesterday to frame rules for regulating the Convention made their report, which was adopted.
On motion of Mr. M'Kean, seconded by Mr. Smilie, Resolved That the doors of the Convention be kept open.
On motion of Mr. M'Kean, the Constitution proposed for the federal government was taken up and read by the clerk.
Mr. Wilson then moved that the time of meeting and adjourning should be fixed, observing that with respect to the time of adjourn- ment, it had been found necessary in the Federal Convention to make a rule that at 4 o'clock they should break up, even if a member was in the middle of his speech, and he proposed that two o'clock should be the hour now limited for adjournment; but after a short conversation, it was agreed that the Convention should meet at 10 o'clock each morning, leaving the hour adjournment unspecified.
The Convention adjourned to meet tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.

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