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title:“Newspaper Report of the House of Representatives Debates on July 21, 1789”
date written:1789-7-22

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"Newspaper Report of the House of Representatives Debates on July 21, 1789." The Daily Advertiser 1789-07-22 : . Rpt. in Creating the Bill of Rights. Ed. Kenneth R. Bowling and Helen E. Veit. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991. 96-97. Print.
Manuscripts Division, Library of Congress

Newspaper Report of the House of Representatives Debates on July 21, 1789 (July 22, 1789)

Mr. MADISON then moved that the house resolve itself into a committee, in order to take into consideration the subject of amendments to the constitution.
Several members suggesting that it would be more proper to refer the subject to a special committee, a motion was made in form, that a committee of one member from each state be appointed to take in consideration the motion of the 8th of June, Mr Madison's motion, offering certain amendments, together with the amendments proposed by the conventions of the different states, and to report thereon.
Upon this motion a dissusive debate ensued, which turned altogether upon the point expediency as to the mode; it being agreed that it would be proper for the house to take the subject into consideration. The principal argument in favor of the motion was drawn from the infinite embarrassments which would take place, if the subject in its present irregular and disordered state should come first before the whole house, and the great delay which it would occasion.
On the other hand it was chiefly contended, that the method proposed would not give satisfaction to the people; and that it would not facilitate the business, since the whole subject would, on the report of the committee lie open to the house.
The motion was however carried by a large majority; and the house proceeded to ballot for the committee,

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