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title:“Notes by Pierce Butler”
authors:Pierce Butler
date written:1787-8-31

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Butler, Pierce. "Notes by Pierce Butler." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 252-53. Print.
Photostat, Library of Congress

Notes by Pierce Butler (August 31, 1787)

Pierce Butler: Notes Money Bills— The Clause restraining the origination of Money Bills—rejected.
Add. I Clause Art. 7 To pay the Debts and provide for the Common Defense and General Welfare.1
The Clause in the Report of the Committee of five limiting the duration of Tax Acts and money appropriations—rejected.
Trade. Art. 7th Sect 1st To regulate with foreign Nations, among the several States and with Indian Tribes.3 No Person shall be eligible to the Office of President who shall not have arrived at the Age of 30 Years neither shall any person be so eligible who shall not be a natural born Citizen of the United States, excepting those who now are or at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution shall be a Citizen of the said States any one of whom may be President, provided that at the time of his Election He shall have been an Inhabitant for fourteen Years.4

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