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title:“Notes on Debates by John Dickinson”
date written:1787-6-18

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"Notes on Debates by John Dickinson." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 91-92. Print.
Autograph Document, Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Notes on Debates by John Dickinson (June 18, 1787)

1. Espint de Corps.
2. Love of power.
3. A constant and active Interest in support of a Government.
4. Force.
5. Influence, as to past—will names of Government Monarchy or Reepublic increase difficulties. No but Force will supply i.e. a standing army. The Espint de Corps overthrows the whole Plan.
Number 1. No Rule for Quota, yet adopted by the Gentleman for determining Representation.
Gentleman describes Love of Power and Danger of it in an appointment of the Executive for 7 Years, yet places the Executive in a situation to urge by the most powerful Motives to become a Traytor to his Country.
How the English Constitution grew up. Island No need of standing Armies. Contest between King and Barons. Commons call'd into the Aid of the latter & provided for in every Accommodation. Otherwise in France and all the Rest of Europe where similar Governments were established by barbarous nations. No Instance of a Republic being changed into a limited Monarchy. Always into a despotism and Tyranny.
A Giant simple solitary slow heavy unwieldy.
The States will give Play to Aristocracy. Agreed. better than hereditary Courtiers.
Power to regulate Trade ———— Imposts Excise Stamp Post Executive in 3 ———— Office A limited Poll tax Annual Election of 1st Branch Right of originating Money Bills—what are such—no Tasks Representation in House of Commons to be for the first 3 5 or 7 years according to the present Quotas of Contribution. Afterwards in proportion to the sums actually paid into the Common Treasury within every 3 5 or 7 Years. Expence a point of Detail. Not to be taken for granted, that some Taxes besides Imposts and Excises will not be necessary.
26 = £13000
52 — £26000

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