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title:“Notes on Debates by John Lansing”
authors:John Lansing, Jr.
date written:1787-5-30

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Lansing, John, Jr. "Notes on Debates by John Lansing." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 30-31. Print.
Photostat, Library of Congress

Notes on Debates by John Lansing (May 30, 1787)

Met pursuant to adjournm't. The Convention pursuant to order resolved itself into a Committee of the whole.
Mr. Gorham (a member of Massachusetts) appointed Chairman.
Mr. Randolph then moved his first Resolution—b.
Mr. G. Morris observed that it was an unnecessary Resolution as the subsequent Resolutions would not square with it. It was then withdrawn by the Proposer and in Lieu thereof the following were proposed—here Resolutions Q.
In considering the Question on the first Resolve various Modifications were proposed when Mr. C. Pinkney observed at last that if the Convention agreed to it it appeared to him the Business was at an End for as the Powers of the House in general were to revise the present Confederation and to alter and amend it as the Case might require, and to determine its Inefficacy or Incapability of Amendment or Improvement must End in a Dissolution of the Powers.
This Remark had its Weight and in Consequence of it the 1st and 21m>nd Resolve was droped and the Question agitated on the third. This last resolve had also its Difficulties- -the Term Supreme required Explanation—it was asked whether it was intended to annihilate State Governments. It was answered only so far as the Powers intended to be granted
30 WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 1787
to the new Government should clash with the states, the latter was to yield.2 The Question was then put for the Resolve Against it Massachusetts Connecticut Pennsylvania New York—divided Deleware The other States unrepresented Virginia North Carolina South Carolina The next Question was on the following Resolve In Substance, that the Mode of the present Representation in Congress was unjustthe Suffrage ought to be in Proportion of Numbers or Property. To this Deleware objected in Consequence of the Instructions" in their Credentials and moved for postponing it which was agreed to. Adjourned till to Morrow.

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