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title:“Notes on Debates by John Lansing”
authors:John Lansing, Jr.
date written:1787-6-21

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Lansing, John, Jr. "Notes on Debates by John Lansing." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 106-07. Print.
First sentence supplied from Autograph Letter Signed in North Carolina Division of Archives and History

Notes on Debates by John Lansing (June 21, 1787)

Johnson—Individuality of States ought to be preserved—you deposit Aristocratic and democratic Power in different Bodies—And we can deposit more but then let one Branch represent Sovereignties.
Wilson—As States represented Individually—their Sovereignty to be preserved—Quantum of Power preserved in smaller States as comprehensive as in larger—It will be the Interest of all to represent general Government if Interest of any—of Consequence they will co-operate. Madison—Legislature of States have not shewn Disposition to deprive Corporations of Priviledges—Why should they here.—Question carried d[ivide]d as Yesterday.
C. C. Pinkney moves that 3rd Resolve be so altered as to read ought to be appointed in such Manner as the several Legislatures shall direct—he supposes this will give greater Satisfaction to the People.
Hamilton—If you permit Legislatures to elect you will have State Interests represented.
Govr. Rutlege—Legislatures of States ought to appoint—The Representation will be more refined—Whether the People elect themselves or appoint others to elect substantially the same.
Wilson—Official State Influence will defeat the Object of national Government if Election by Legislatures.
King—same Sentiment differently expressed.
Question—Negative—Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia.
Affirmative—Connecticut, New Jersey, Deleware, South Carolina.
Maryland divided.
N. B. Judge Yates and Colo[nel] Hamilton in Negative—I was for Affirmative.
Randolph moved to obliterate three Years and insert two.
Sherman—for one Year—By suffering them to remain three Years they accomodate their Sentiments to those with whom they associate—they must be oblidged to return Home every Year to remind them of what they owe their Constituents.
Mason—By having annual Elections remote States would generally be unrepresented in Beginning of Sessions.
Hamilton—The Opinion of the People is fluctuating—You must exercise your Judgment, convinced that the Pressure of unavoidable Circumstances will direct the public Mind.
Listlessness prevails in New York on Acc[oun]t of annual Election— Consequence is that Factions are represented in that Government.
Adjourned till to Morrow.

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