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title:“Notes on debates by John Lansing”
authors:John Lansing, Jr.
date written:1787-6-4

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Lansing, John, Jr. "Notes on debates by John Lansing." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 48-49. Print.

Notes on debates by John Lansing (June 4, 1787)

Mr. Pinkney moved that the Blank in the 7th Resolution fixing the Number of the Executive be filled with the Word one.
Mr. Wilson—It is congenial to the Feelings of the People to have a single Executive—they have been accustomed to it—Every State has a single Person as Executive—three may divide and adopt distinct Propo-
Mr. Sherman—ought to have a single Executive but a Council to aid him.
Question whether Blank shall be filled with the Word one.
Affirm. Neg.
Massachusetts I New York I Connecticut I Deleware I Pennsylvania I Maryland I Virginia I —
North Carolina I 3
South Carolina I Georgia I —
The 8th Clause was then considered.—Mr. Gerry mov3ed its Postpone-
ment to take up the following "that a national Executive shall have a Right to negative every national Act which shall not be afterward past unless by—
Part of each Branch of the National Legislature."4
Mr. Wilson and Mr. King spoke in its Favor.
Question carried for postponing 6 Ayes—4 Noes.
Next Question on Motion by Mr. Wilson that the Executive have an uncontroulled Negative by expunging the Words scored. Dr. Franklin—
Mr. Maddison and Mr. Bedford against expunging.
Carried unanimously against it.
Motion by Mr. Butler that the Executive be vested with a Power to suspend all Act of national Legislature for Days.
Unanimously carried in the Negative.
9th Resolve—that a national Judiciary be established. Agreed 8 States to
2—Connecticut and Maryland negative.
MONDAY, JUNE 4, 1787
Adjourned till to Morrow,

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