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title:“NY Ratification Convention Debates (July 3, 1788) - New York Daily Advertiser”
date written:1788-7-7

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"NY Ratification Convention Debates (July 3, 1788) - New York Daily Advertiser." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 22. Ed. John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2008. 2093-94. Print.
New York Daily Advertiser, 7 July 1788

NY Ratification Convention Debates (July 3, 1788) - New York Daily Advertiser (July 7, 1788)

Extract of a letter from Poughkeepsie, dated July 3.
"We find that the powers of eloquence and argument are unavailing; we shall therefore refrain from any further exertions in defence of the Constitution.
"We shall close the whole business with a strong pathetic address to their fears and their feelings, arising from the new situation of the State, if placed out of the Union, and the dreadful consequences that must ensue.
"We are waiting with great impatience for the Act of Congress, to put Government in motion, by fixing the previous arrangements and the time for commencing proceedings under the New Constitution.
"This will add much energy to our arguments, will change the nature of the ground, and will beget a new relative situation betwixt the representatives and their constituents, which was not in contemplation at the time of their being elected. This probably will be the foundation of an appeal of the minority to the inhabitants of the state.
"Next week will probably terminate our labor."

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