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title:“NY Ratification Convention Debates and Proceedings”
date written:1788-7-23

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"NY Ratification Convention Debates and Proceedings." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 22. Ed. John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2008. 2277-81. Print.
New York Ratification Convention Journal, 67-68

NY Ratification Convention Debates and Proceedings (July 23, 1788)

CONVENTION PROCEEDINGS. That on the 23d day of July, in the form of the Ratification proposed, a paragraph thereof was again read, in the words following, viz.
"And with a firm reliance, and on the express condition, that the rights aforesaid will not, and shall not be lost, abridged or violated, and that the said Constitution shall in the cases above particularised, receive the constructions herein before expressed, with a solemn appeal to the Searcher of Hearts for the purity of our intentions, and in the confidence that such imperfections as may exist in the Constitution will as soon as possible be submitted to the consideration of a general Convention."
That Mr. M. Smith then moved that the paragraph last read, should be expunged, and that the following paragraph should be substituted, viz.
"Under these impressions, and in confidence that the declaration of rights, and explanations aforesaid, are consistent with the Constitution, and therefore cannot be abridged or violated: And with the further confidence, that the amendments which shall have been proposed to the said Constitution, will receive an early and mature consideration, and that such of them as may in any degree tend to the real security and permanent advantage of the people, will be adopted."
That the question having been put, whether the Committee did agree to the clause proposed to be substituted, (and on motion of Mr. Adgate the yeas and nays being taken) it was carried in the affirmative in the manner following, viz.
For the Affirmative. [40]
Mr. Jay, Mr. Lansing, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Sarlls, Mr. R. Morris, Mr. Ten Eyck, Mr. Carman, Mr. Haring, Mr. Hobart, Mr. Scudder, Mr. Lefferts, Mr. Woodhull, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Havens, Mr. Vandervoort, Mr. Wisner, Mr. R. Livingston, Mr. J. Smith, Mr. Bancker, Mr. Platt, Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. President, Mr. Ryerss, Mr. M. Smith, Mr. Duane, Mr. Cantine, Mr. P. Livingston, Mr. Swartwout, Mr. Harison, Mr. Clark, Mr. Hatfield, Mr. G. Livingston, Mr. Low, Mr. Jones, Mr. Van Cortlandt, Mr. D'Witt, Mr. R. Yates, Mr. Schenck, Mr. Crane, Mr. Williams.
For the Negative. [19]
Mr. I. Thompson, Mr. Wood, Mr. Winn, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Tredwell, Mr. Akins, Mr. Veeder, Mr. Van Ness, Mr. Schoonmaker, Mr. Harper, Mr. Staring, Mr. Bay, Mr. J. Clinton, Mr. C. Yates, Mr. Parker, Mr. Adgate, Mr. Wynkoop, Mr. Frey, Mr. Baker CONVENTION PROCEEDINGS. That another part of the proposed Ratification was again read, in the words following, viz.
"We the said Delegates, in the name and in the behalf of the People of the State of New-York, do by these presents assent to and ratify the said Constitution: UPON CONDITION NEVERTHELESS, That until a Convention shall be called and convened for proposing amendments to the said Constitution."
CONVENTION PROCEEDINGS. That debates were had on the said motion, and that the question having been put, whether the committee did agree to the same, (and on motion of Mr. R. Yates the yeas and nays being taken) it was carried in the affirmative in the manner following, viz.
For the Affirmative. [31]
Mr. Jay, Mr. Low, Mr. Lefferts, Mr. Crane, Mr. R. Morris, Mr. Scudder, Mr. Vandervoort, Mr. Sarlls, Mr. Hobart, Mr. Havens, Mr. Bancker, Mr. Platt, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. J. Smith, Mr. Ryerss, Mr. M. Smith, Mr. R. Livingston, Mr. Jones, Mr. L. Morris, Mr. G. Livingston, Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Schenck, Mr. P. Livingston, Mr. D'Witt, Mr. Duane, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Hatfield, Mr. Williams, Mr. Harison, Mr. Carman, Mr. Van Cortlandt For the Negative. [29]
Mr. R. Yates, Mr. Clark, Mr. Swartwout, Mr. Staring, Mr. Lansing, Mr. J. Clinton, Mr. Akins, Mr. Parker, Mr. I. Thom[p]son, Mr. Wynkoop, Mr. Harper, Mr. Baker, Mr. Ten Eyck, Mr. Haring, Mr. C. Yates, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Tredwell, Mr. Woodhull, Mr. Frey, Mr. Van Ness, Mr. President, Mr. Wisner, Mr. Winn, Mr. Bay, Mr. Cantine, Mr. Wood, Mr. Veeder, Mr. Adgate, Mr. Schoonmaker

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