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title:“NY Ratification Convention Journal”
date written:1788-6-17

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"NY Ratification Convention Journal." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 22. Ed. John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2008. 1678-79. Print.
New York Ratification Convention Journal, June 17, 1788

NY Ratification Convention Journal (June 17, 1788)

Pursuant to concurrent resolutions of the Senate and Assembly of this State, of the thirty-first day of January and first day of February last, the Delegates chosen by the people of this State in the respective counties, to form a Convention to take into consideration the report of the Convention of the States lately assembled in Philadelphia, and the letter and resolutions which accompanied the same to Congress, and the resolution of Congress thereon, met in the Court-house in Poughkeepsie, in the county of Dutchess. The certificates of the Supervisors of the respective counties being read, it appeared that the following gentlemen were elected Delegates to form the Convention, viz.... The Convention unanimously elected his Excellency George Clinton, Esquire, to be their President, and placed him in the chair accordingly. The Convention appointed John Mc. Kesson and Abraham B. Bancker, to be their Secretaries. David Barclay was appointed doorkeeper, James Pritchard, messenger, and Nicholas Power, printer to the Convention.
Ordered, That the doors of the Convention Chamber be open when the Convention are sitting.
The resolutions of the Senate and Assembly of the 31st day of January and first day of February last, were then read, and are in the words following, viz. . . . David Hopkins, Esquire, appeared and produced a certificate of the Supervisors of Washington county, that he was duly elected in the said county as a member of this Convention, which was read.
Ordered, That Mr. Hopkins do take his seat.
Ordered, That the business of this Convention be opened every morning with prayer; and that Mr. Duane and Mr. G. Livingston, be a committee to wait on the gentlemen of the clergy in the precinct of Poughkeepsie, and request them to make such arrangements among themselves, that one of them may attend daily for that purpose.1
Ordered, That a committee of five members be appointed by ballot, to report rules and regulations for conducting the business of this Convention.
The ballots being taken and told, it appeared that Mr. Duane, Mr. Jones, Mr. R. Morris, Mr. Lansing and Mr. Haring, were elected. Ordered, That those five gentlemen be a committee for that purpose.
Then the Convention adjourned until eleven of the clock to-morrow morning.

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