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title:“NY Ratification Convention Journal”
date written:1788-6-18

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"NY Ratification Convention Journal." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 22. Ed. John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2008. 1679-80. Print.
New York Ratification Convention Journal, June 18, 1788

NY Ratification Convention Journal (June 18, 1788)

The Convention met pursuant to Adjournment. Three certificates of the Supervisors of Columbia county, were read, whereby it appears that Peter Van Ness, John Bay, and Mat[t]hew Adgate, Esquires, who are now present, were duly elected in the said county as members of this Convention. Ordered, That Mr. Van Ness, Mr. Bay and Mr. Adgate, do take their seats. Mr. Duane from the committee appointed to report rules and regulations for conducting the business of this Convention, brought in the report of the said committee, which was read, and the same being again read by paragraphs, and amended, was agreed to by the Convention. Thereupon Resolved,
1st. That at the meeting of the Convention each day, the minutes of the preceding day shall in the first place be read, at which time mistakes, if any, shall be corrected.
2d. That all motions and addresses be made to the chair, and standing.
3d. That every motion made and seconded, except motions for adjournment, shall be handed to the chair in writing, and there read before any debate or question taken thereon.
4th. That upon every question taken, the yeas and nays shall be entered, if requested by any two members.
5th. That if two members rise to speak, and there shall be a dispute which of them rose first, it shall be determined by the President.
6th. That no interruption shall be suffered while a member is addressing the chair, but by a call to order by the President, or by a member thro' the President.
7th. That no member be referred to by name in any debate.
8th. That if any member shall transgress the rules a second time, the President may refer to him by name. That the Convention may examine and censure the member's conduct, he being allowed to extenuate or justify.
9th. That any member making a motion, may withdraw it before the question is put thereon; after which any other member may renew the same motion, if he thinks proper.
10th. That the appointment of all committees shall be by ballot.
11th. That none be admitted within the bar, excepting the members and Secretaries.
12th. That the preceding rules shall be observed when the Convention resolve itself into a committee of the whole.
The clerks of the Senate and Assembly, pursuant to concurrent resolutions of the Legislature of the 31st day of January and first day of February last, delivered to the Convention copies of the report of the Convention of the states lately assembled in Philadelphia, and of the resolutions and letter accompanying the same to Congress, and of the resolution of Congress thereon; which were severally read, and are in the words following, viz. [The Constitution with the names of the signers, the Convention's Resolutions and the Convention's Letter to the President of Congress, 17 September, and the Resolution of Congress, 28 September 1787, appear here in the Journal.]
Resolved, That the Convention will tomorrow resolve itself into a committee of the whole, to take into consideration the said report and resolutions, and letter accompanying the same.
Ordered, That the Secretaries procure a sufficient number of copies of the said report and resolutions, and letter, to be printed, to furnish a copy to each member of the Convention.
Ordered, That the Secretaries deliver daily a copy of the Journal of this Convention to the printer by them appointed. Then the Convention adjourned until ten of the clock to-morrow morning.

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