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title:“Patrick Henry to Richard Henry Lee”
authors:Patrick Henry
date written:1789-8-28

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Henry, Patrick. "Letter to Richard Henry Lee." Creating the Bill of Rights. Ed. Kenneth R. Bowling and Helen E. Veit. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991. 289-90. Print.
Manuscripts Division, Library of Congress

Patrick Henry to Richard Henry Lee (August 28, 1789)

As to my opinion of the Amendments, I think they will tend to injure rather than to serve the Cause of Liberty—provided they go no further than is proposed as Ideas—For what good End can be answered by [page torn] Rights, the Tenure of which must be during Pleasure—For Right without her Power & Might1 is but a Shadow—Now it seems that it is not proposed to add this Force to the Right by any Amendment—It can therefore answer no purpose but to lull Suspicion totally on the Subject2 - While Impediments are cast in the Way of those who wish to retrench the exorbitancy of Power granted away by the Constitution from the People, a fresh grant from them is made in the first Moment of Opportunity & of a Nature & extent too which full Success in the Business of Amendments would scarcely compensate - I mean the uncontrouled Power of the President over the Officers.3

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