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title:“Proposed Resolutions Reprimanding Governor Edmund Randolph”
authors:George Mason
date written:1788-6-28

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Mason, George. "Proposed Resolutions Reprimanding Governor Edmund Randolph." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 3. Ed. A Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 1120-21. Print.
Manuscript, Mason Papers, Library of Congress

Proposed Resolutions Reprimanding Governor Edmund Randolph (June 28, 1788)

[ca. 28 June 1788]
Resolved that the official Letter from his Excellency George Clinton Esquire Governor of the State of New York dated March [May] the ____ 1788 to his Excellency Edmund Randolph Esquire Governor of this Commonwealth on the Subject of a free &cordial Intercourse & Communication of Sentiments between the Conventions of the States of New York and Virginia upon the new Constitution of Government recommended by the late federal Convention, which Letter was laid before the General Assembly on the ____ Day of this Instant June, ought to have been laid before the Convention of this Commonwealth at their first Meeting, for their Consideration.
Resolved that by the said Letter's being withheld from the Convention of this Commonwealth the Convention hath been precluded from exercising their Judgement upon the Expediency of so important a Measure as that mentioned in the said Letter from his Excellency Governor Clinton.
Resolved that a Committee of ____ be chosen by Ballot, to wait on his Excellency Edmund Randolph Esquire to know his Reasons for not laying the said Letter before the Delegates of the People of this Commonwealth in the late Convention, as well as for delaying to lay the same before the general Assembly until the Day after the Ratification of the new Constitution of Government; and also to enquire from what Causes the official Letter from Governor Randolph to Governor Clinton transmitting the proceedings of the General Assembly in their last Session concerning the Convention of Virginia, was delayed from the ____ Day of December to the ____ Day of March in it's Conveyance to New York, and that the said Committee make Report of their Proceedings therein to the General Assembly.

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