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title:“Rawlins Lowndes to John Lamb”
authors:Rawlins Lowndes
date written:1788-6-21

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Lowndes, Rawlins. "Letter to John Lamb." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 18. Ed. Gaspare J. Saladino and John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 1995. 50-51. Print.
The New-York Historical Society

Rawlins Lowndes to John Lamb (June 21, 1788)

I have been honoured with your favours of the 19th. of May last, recieved a few days ago, enclosing Several papers relative to the new Constitution—Also two packets, the one for Mr. Justice Burke which I have delivered with mine own hands; the other for General Sumpter, which I have conveyed by a safe Opportunity, as he resides at a Considerable distance from Charleston.
You will have known Sr. before this time that our Convention have finally ratifyed & Confirmed the new FÅ“deral Constitution: It was done on the 24th. May last, contenting itself with a few recommendatory Amendments.
Had your Plan been proposed in time I doubt not it might have produced very good Effect in this Country: A Strong Systematic Opposition wherein the Opinions and Sentiments of the different States were Consenter'd and directed to the same specific Objects, would have had a Weight, which the Advocates for the Constitution must have submitted to, and have removed the force of an Objection, strongly insisted upon, arrising from the seeming diversity & dissimilarity of the several amendmts. contended for.
I had not the Honr. to be of our Convention: an open and explicit avowal of my Sentiments in the Assembly when the Subject was Agitated there, which were irreconcilable to the Constitution, as well in mode as Substance, did no meet with the Concurance and approbation of my Constituants in Charleston, and I was therefore rejected in their Choice of Delegates for the Convention.

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